If you’ve never encountered a 200 club before, here’s how it works. There are 200 numbers, which we sell at a cost of £3 each. You can buy as many numbers as you like, which you pay for on monthly standing order - eg 2 numbers = £6 per month or you can pay for 12 months as a one off payment. 
You will get the same numbers each month.
Every month we draw one number out of the hat - if that is your number, you receive half of the money we made on the club that month. So, for example, if we have sold 100 numbers, you will win £150, and £150 goes toward supporting Sutton Mencap’s work with adults and children with a learning disability.
To buy numbers, you need to fill in the form overleaf and return it to us no later than the 1st  to be entered in that month’s draw. We will set up a standing order or bank your cheque / cash and send you a letter informing you which numbers you have bought. 
You can buy as many numbers as you like, but unfortunately you can’t choose which number you are given - otherwise we will have everyone wanting the same number.
Once you have a number, it stays yours and we  will debit your account until you tell us to stop or if you make an annual payment - when that runs out.
Draws will take place on the 25th of each month.