This page tells people about the services we provide at Sutton Mencap

Sutton Mencap provides services for children and young people

We also run groups for adults

We can help people set up a Circle of Support, which is a group of people who can help someone make decisions about their life.

We can provide small grants for paid carers to visit people in hospital

Sutton Mencap provides a range of services and activities covering four main areas:

Services for children and young people:  We provide after school, Saturday and holiday clubs for children and young people aged 6 and upwards. 

Click here for more information on our services for children and young people.

Services for adults.  We provide a wide range of activity-based groups for adults with a learning disability.  Groups run throughout the week and include evening leisure clubs, arts, drama and cookery groups, plus dance and healthy eating classes.  We also provide a day activities service for people on direct payments.

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Help for people to set up circles of support.  Our Circles of Support project helps adults with a learning disability set up support networks to help the identify and accomplish their goals.  

Click here for more information on Circles of Support. 

Grants towards care for people in hospital. We are able to provide small grants to pay for the costs of care and support for people with a learning disability when they go into hospital.

Click here for more information on the hospital visitor grant scheme.