This page tells people how to help people with a learning disability by getting involved with Sutton Mencap

People can give money to Sutton Mencap

People can give their time to Sutton Mencap by volunteering with us

People can become voting members of Sutton Mencap

Sutton Mencap’s vision is that all people with a learning disability should be able to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their aspirations and potential.  There are lots of ways that you can help us achieve this vision.
You might be interested in making a donation to support our work.  There are lots of ways you can provide financial support.  Click here for more information.
You might also be interested in volunteering with us or organising or taking part in a fundraising event.  For more information on volunteering opportunities, click here.
There are also opportunities to get more involved in the way Sutton Mencap is run through becoming a voting member.  More information is available here.
We already have a dedicated group of supporters and we are hugely grateful for everything they do to support our work.  Why not join them and make a real difference to the lives of people with a learning disability in Sutton.